Birthday Party FAQ

Birthday FAQ:

Can I bring outside food? 

Yes, you may bring any outside food you would like. Great Explorations does not have cooking capabilities on sight. However, we do not allow any food outside of the party room. If food is taken outside the party room a $50 cleaning charge will be added to your final bill at check out. We do have a pre-order option for pizzas. We would be happy to order them and have them here for your convenience with at least 1 week notice. We do not allow alcohol at any time.

What decorations am I allowed to bring?

With your birthday party package you are provided with the party basics. Those include table covers, plates, forks, spoons, napkins and cups in the color of your choice. We will also hang a color coordinated birthday banner. You may bring other decorations of your choice with the exception of confetti, glitter, or piñata’s. Staples are not permitted to hang things on the wall.

Do the 24 guests include adults and children?

Yes it does. We count all guests over the age of 1. The only exception to the guest count is the birthday family. Since you are celebrating with us you are our guests! (Birthday boy or girl and the parents, Siblings, and grandparents)

Are decorations included in the party package?

Yes. We will provide you with table covers, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, cups and a color coordinated birthday banner to match your color choice. Balloons can be added on to your party for an additional fee.

What if I go over my allotted 24 guests?

That’s ok. Each additional guest above the 24 is only $5 per person. There would be an additional $2.50 fee per person for additional place settings if they are needed. This would total $7.50 per person.

How many tables am I provided with a Basic 90 min party room?

Total of 7 tables are provided for a party of 24 guests. You will have 4 guest tables that are 6ft long and that seat 6 people each, 2 food tables and 1 cake or gift table. More tables can be provided upon request.

How many tables am I provided with a before hours 120 min party room?

A total of 9 tables are provided for a party of 50 guests. You will have 5 guest tables that seat 10 people each, 2 food tables, 1 cake/sweet treat table and 1 present table. More tables can be provided upon request.

How long can my guests enjoy the museum?

You and your guests may enjoy Great Explorations the entire day. On Saturday we are open 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

How long do I have the room rental for?

The basic party room rental is for 90 minutes. The before hours party room rental is for 120 minutes.

Do I have a birthday host(s)?

Yes you do. The birthday host(s) will prepare your party room as well as provide any service needed throughout your party. If an interactive show is added to your package your birthday party host will provide your show. Once the party is over the party host will clean the room for you.

Where is your pizza ordered from?

We order our pizza’s from Papa John’s Pizza on 4th St N. in St. Petersburg. They are large 1 topping pizzas for $9. Each pizza has 8 slices.

Will the room be ready when I arrive?

Your birthday room will be ready at the time of your rental. You and your guests have open play for the entire day. Therefore if you arrive early it is not guaranteed your room will be ready early. However if you arrive early and have food to keep cold we can store it for you. As well as collect birthday gifts from guests as they arrive. When it is time for your party in the room your birthday host will bring your items to the room for you. You can go into the room for any additional set up 15 minutes prior to the party starting.