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About Us

For over 35 years, Great Explorations has been Tampa Bay’s preeminent children’s museum supporting practical learning applications through a proven creative curriculum.   Our mission remains focused on stimulating learning through creativity, play and exploration.

As the nation’s first children’s museum to open a licensed preschool, we are proud to stimulate curiosity and provide enrichment through a carefully curated hands-on learning environment.


Empowerment of expressive learningInnovation through collaborative playPassion for fostering growth


Great Explorations is the first mid-size children’s museum in the country to achieve AAM accreditation.  The museum joins the ranks of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Salvador Dali Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

Meet Our Staff!

We believe that every child can reach their full potential through personal, real life learning applications, in a creative environment. Check out our incredible certified staff below!

Angeline Howell
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 208
Alan Kahle
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 205
Laurel Ginn
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 228
Morris The Explorasaurus - Chief Executive Dinosaur (CED)
IG: @morris_explores ext
Matthew Hilts
Deputy Director of Education
7278218992 ext 215
Chel Personius
Director of Educational Programs
(727) 821-8992 ext 219
Emily Barnes
Assistant Director of Preschool
(727) 821-8992 ext 234
Jennifer Bell
Director of Development
(727) 821-8992 ext 230
Alyson McKenzie
Program Evaluator & Grant Writer
(727) 821-8992 ext 250
Alex Sirimarco
Development Assistant
(727)821-8992 ext 221
Ayanna Tyler
Membership Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
(727) 821-8992 ext 218
Jay Shull
Exhibits Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 202
Jakob Laird
Facility Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 210
Ryan Jenny
Environmental Service Aide
(727) 821-8992 ext
Kim Stockton
Marketing and PR Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 220
Emmet Scales
Creative Marketing Specialist
(727) 821-8992 ext 226
Lauren Sutton
Social Media & Brand Coordinator
(727)821-8992 ext 211
Gina Barker
Brand Ambassador
(727) 821-8992 ext
Jasmine Hatcher
Interactive Education Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 267
Krista Foster
Critter Specialist & Guest Experience Assistant Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 214
Bella Perkins
Guest Experience Assistant Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 214
Demi Kennedy
Volunteer Engagement Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 236

Meet Our Board!

The Board of Trustees at Great Explorations Children’s Museum supports the mission, vision, and work of the Museum by engaging in Museum programs and events, advising on the management of the staff and facilities, providing financial support, and acting as advocates for the Museum in the community. Our Board is comprised of members from a variety of areas of expertise, backgrounds, and interests. In addition to Great Explorations Children’s Museum’s 19 current Trustees, we have an Ex Officio, Scott K. Wagman.

Trustees attend board meetings throughout the year, a Board Retreat, and various museum events. All members also are involved in at least one committee. Trustees assist in the recruitment of additional members to add to the diversity of the Board, by inviting community members, colleagues, and friends with an interest in the advocacy of children, play and early child development to become involved.

Executive Board

Melissa Pinkerton

Board Chair

Jason Palmer

Past Chair

Lauren Carlan

Vice Chair

Kara Rowe, C.P.A.


Jordan Loebel



Anthony Brown

Katherine Childs

Donna Cothron

Martha Fabelo, MD

Alex Jaber

Alicia Jackson

Jason Jensen, AIA LEED, AP

Haviland Kebler

Vanessa King

Victoria Mazur

Megan R. Michalski, Esq.

Rainer Pelzel

Mike Rachesky

Dr. Bhumi Upadhyay, MD FAAP

Brooks Wallington

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