March Newsletter 2024

New Exhibit Opening! Tiny Explorer’s Lagoon | Opening March 20th We couldn’t be more excited to announce the opening of our newest exhibit, Tiny Explorer’s Lagoon! This new exhibit will… Continue reading March Newsletter 2024

February Newsletter 2024

Chemistry of Cocktails Presented by Baldwin Roofing Company February 9th | 6PM – 9PM Great Explorations’ newest fundraising event, Chemistry of Cocktails Presented by Baldwin Roofing Company, is just over a week… Continue reading February Newsletter 2024

January Newsletter 2024

January Reciprocal Imagine Museum Can you IMAGINE a better reciprocal? 🎨 For the entire month of January, Great Explorations members will receive free admission to the Imagine Museum and its… Continue reading January Newsletter 2024

December Newsletter 2023

NEW YEARS AT NOON! December 31st | 10:30 am – 2pm   Celebrate New Years with Great Explorations! 🎉   Ring in the new year with some fun festivities and celebrate… Continue reading December Newsletter 2023

November Newsletter 2023

MAKE-A-MORRIS LAUNCH November 1st | 1pm – 2pm   Create your own Make-A-Morris plushie at Great Explorations and take them home to continue the fun!   We have 12 friends to… Continue reading November Newsletter 2023

October Newsletter 2023

EEK-SPLORATIONS October 28th | 10 AM – 4 PM This year’s Great EEK-Splorations is Fall Festival-themed with a pirate twist!   Come in your best Halloween costume* and show it… Continue reading October Newsletter 2023

September Newsletter 2023

GREAT EXTRAVAGANZA: GALA IN THE GALAXY Saturday, September 23rd Join us on our interstellar journey through an unforgettable night of fun and philanthropy! Get ready to bid on unique and… Continue reading September Newsletter 2023

August Newsletter 2023

BACK TO SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP SALE August 1st – August 11th Back to school means a lot of learning, but also a lot of fun!   From August 1st to August… Continue reading August Newsletter 2023

July Newsletter 2023

RAYS DAY AT GREAT EX July 16th, 2023 | 12pm – 2pm It’s time to #RaysUp! Raymond and DJ Kitty from the Tampa Bay Rays are coming to visit Morris… Continue reading July Newsletter 2023

June Newsletter 2023

Messplorations: Mess Making Made Fun June 17th, 2023 | 9:30am – 2pm Join us for a day of messy fun at Great Explorations’ Messplorations! This special event will feature a… Continue reading June Newsletter 2023