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With a nickname like the Sunshine City, it’s no surprise that people in our community are rallying together to shine hope on those who need it the most! There are several ways you can help or receive assistance if needed during this uncertain time.

Nutritional Meals for Kids

Pinellas County Schools students under 18 years old can receive breakfast and lunch this week (through March 27 at the time of posting). Visit any of the following schools during the allotted times to receive a nutritional meal at no cost.

Senior Shopping Hours

Many stores are now dedicating specific days or times for seniors to grocery shop. With a smaller crowd in the stores, at-risk seniors can get what they need while reducing the number of people they are exposed to. We suggest calling your local store or visiting their website for details. The next time you grocery shop, consider picking up a few things for an elderly neighbor!

Food Pantry

Feeding Tampa Bay is continuing its mission to provide food assistance! Check out their community food pantry schedule, mobile pantry calendar, and breakfast meal spots locations, or consider donating to their cause.

Food, Healthcare, and Shelter

The St. Petersburg Free Clinic is providing pre-bagged items on select days of the week to walk-up visitors! Visit their website for details. 

The St. Petersburg Free Clinic is also accepting healthcare questions over the phone— no in-person visits, please! In need of shelter? Click here to learn about their shelter programs, which are still operating at this time.

Food and Other Assistance

Those who need food and other assistance are also encouraged to call 211 Tampa Bay Cares (2-1-1) for an up-to-date list of community resources.

Food Truck Convoy

Local residents are joining together to feed families who live in neighborhoods outside of Pinellas County School District’s feeding locations. In only a week, they’ve already provided over 2,000 meals to families with transportation barriers in our community! Own a food truck and want to get involved? Check out the Food Truck Convoy’s Facebook page for more information.

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