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Great Explorations Children’s Museum

1925 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida, 33704
(727) 821-8992

Great Explorations is pleased to donate complimentary single day passes and/or a 3-month family pass for unlimited visits to support the fundraising efforts of local nonprofits. Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive, Great Explorations will only fulfill complete request forms.

If you would prefer, you can mail the information from the form below to:

Great Explorations
Attn: Laurel Ginn
1925 4th Street N
St Petersburg, FL 33704

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Organization's Legal Name

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Organization's Address

Organization's Address

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Please Note:

  • Requests are limited to one per organization per calendar year.
  • The donated passes may not be redeemed at Great Explorations for the cash value. Lost, stolen, or expired donated passes will not be replaced.

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Angeline Howell
(She/Her) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 208
Alan Kahle
(He/Him) Chief Operating Officer (COO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 205
Laurel Ginn
(She/Her) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
(727) 821-8992 ext 228
Morris The Explorasaurus - Chief Executive Dinosaur (CED)
IG: @morris_explores ext
Chel Personius
(She/Her) Director of Educational Programs
(727) 821-8992 ext 219
Emily Barnes
(She/Her) Assistant Director of Preschool
(727) 821-8992 ext 234
Matthew Hilts
Assistant Director of School Age
7278218992 ext 215
Jennifer Bell
(She/Her) Development Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 230
Ayanna Tyler
(She/Her) Administrative Assistant
(727) 821-8992 ext 218
Jay Shull
(He/Him) Exhibits Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 202
Jakob Laird
(He/Him) Facility Manager
(727) 821-8992 ext 210
Kim Stockton
(She/Her) Marketing and PR Manager
7278218992 ext 220
Emmet Scales
(He/Him) Creative Marketing Specialist
7278218992 ext 226
Gina Barker
(She/Her) Brand Ambassador
7278218992 ext
Demi Kennedy
(She/Her) Guest Experience Manager
7278218992 ext 236
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