Creating New Routines For Kids

By March 30, 2020Guest article

With all this extra time spent at home, having a schedule to follow— as best we can, at least— can create a sense of normalcy for children and adults alike. Change is stressful, after all! However, creating and maintaining new schedules at home can help ease kids’ nervousness.

Start by waking up and going to sleep at the same time you usually do. Every morning, ask your children to pick out an outfit, brush their teeth, and complete the other steps in their morning routine. Then, outline the activities you’ll do that day, trying to keep the list as similar to their regular school schedule as you can! Balance the day’s schedule with time for learning, play, exercise, music, and even breaks. Make sure to also include time to spend outdoors. You can also use this opportunity to create new rituals with your family members. Have a nightly phone call or video chat with grandparents, play new games, and create hobbies together.

We encourage you to download and complete this daily planner to outline your activities for the day.


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Developing new routines is important for kids to foster healthy habits, like time management. Routines also help create a sense of stability and security, as well as ease anxiousness.

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