We take pride in partnering with our local community to enhance creative play. Learn more about our exhibits that offer real life, practical learning experiences. Explore the images below to learn more about our exhibits!

Great Beginnings

Sponsored by: Kanes Furniture

Great Beginnings provides a dedicated space for our youngest guests, ages 1-3. Specifically designed with early development, fine and gross motor skills, and creative exploration in mind, guests can learn and play in a child-oriented, immersive farm setting.

Fossil Park

In Fossil Park children are invited to touch real fossils, look at a prehistoric raptor nest, see what Florida looked like in the Miocene Era of history, as well as dig for their own fossils and gems to keep and take home. This exhibit connects children to Florida’s natural history and fosters curiosity through interaction, exploration, and discovery and displays our amazing real fossil collection.

My First Checkup

Sponsored by: Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

My First Checkup is a child-sized health care center. This exhibit familiarizes children with visiting a Doctor’s office, providing confidence and alleviating potential fears about this experience. It promotes healthy habits, encouraging exercise and a balanced diet. Interactive elements inspire curiosity about the human body, while stimulating hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, and personal growth.

Live On the Air

Sponsored by: Spectrum News

On the Air puts children into their very own News broadcast. Using green-screen technology, kids are able to see themselves on television. They can report the breaking news of the day, present a weather forecast, or even give updates from the beach or the middle of a hurricane. This exhibit encourages children to take interest in their communities and understand the importance of weather patterns and the water cycle.

Engine Company 15

Did you know that Engine Company 15 is actually fire station #15 in St. Pete? There are 14 fire stations in St. Pete, and although the fire station at Great Explorations doesn't respond to many fires, it's considered the 15th fire station in the city! Engine Company 15 at Great Explorations offers children the chance to try on a firefighter uniform, sit in real fire engine jump seats, climb aboard a fire truck, and slide down a fire pole. This exhibit teaches children the importance of teamwork in helping those in danger while educating them about the real-life heroes in our community.

Morris’ Busy Burg

This exhibit is an interactive experience centered around a makeshift map of St. Pete known as "Busy Burg." Children engage with the exhibit by using magnetic cars, boats, and characters to navigate and explore the various landmarks and areas of the city represented on the map. This hands-on activity not only encourages spatial awareness and fine motor skills but also fosters a sense of adventure and discovery as young visitors create their imaginative journeys within Busy Burg.


Sponsored by: SPCA Tampa Bay

What kid doesn’t dream of being a veterinarian? For-All-Animals is a space where children can learn about the care of animals, both wild and domesticated. Kids are invited to practice empathy and problem-solving by caring for any number of sick or injured stuffed animals in the exhibit. An X-ray station and working MRI machine allow children to see how animals work on the inside. Through imaginative play, children can learn all about the fascinating world of Veterinary Science.

STEAM Station

The STEAM STATION is a dedicated, Steampunk-styled science lab that gives our guests space to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concepts, through creative play. This space also provides us with a multifunctional area for our demonstrations, performances, parties, and more!!

The Smile Spot

Sponsored by: Klement Family Dental

Our Smile Spot dentist office provides the perfect place to make young guests more comfortable with visiting the dentist and learning the importance of good dental hygiene. They can even take on the role of dentist and give a full exam and cleaning to two very special patients.

Morris’ Papa Johns Pizza Kitchen

Sponsored by: Papa Johns

This exhibit immerses visitors in an authentic delivery experience with a custom delivery car. Kids have the opportunity to climb into the Papa John's delivery jeep, complete with a real car topper. Inside, they can embark on a delivery adventure alongside Morris, the Explorasaurus, and Mr. Slice, thanks to the innovative "Papa Tracker" feature. Additionally, the exhibit offers a pizza-making experience with a pizza oven where children can craft their own pizzas using a variety of ingredients, further enhancing the interactive experience

Slap Pipes

The Slap Pipes are a captivating exhibit that uniquely combines music and physics. Consisting of a series of vertical pipes with different lengths and diameters, the Slap Pipes invite children (and parents) to experiment with sound production by slapping or striking the pipes with the mallets. As they interact with the pipes, visitors can explore concepts such as vibration, frequency, and pitch, gaining hands-on experience in the physics of sound.

The Heart Gallery

Sponsored by: Gulf Coast JFCS

The Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco is a program of Gulf Coast JFCS that connects children in foster care with their forever families through adoption. In addition to featuring children, we recruit and support families interested in adoption.

Critter Corner

Snakes, geckos, and skinks, oh my! The Great Explorations Critter Corner will be a home for living animals for children to observe and study. Featuring local Florida animals, this exhibit will connect children with the world around them. Guests will be invited to compare native vs. invasive species, view elusive animals close up, and interact physically with animals during demonstrations. The Critter Corner will engage children with the natural world around them, encouraging thoughtfulness about the ecosystem and their role within it.


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A flying ship and cozy cabin make up the main structures of the Great Explorations Treehouse. Atop two massive tree trunks, the Treehouse is a place to explore. Children love finding the entrance to a loopy yellow slide, as well as a hidden access point for the climber. In the treehouse, one can pretend to steer the flying ship or peer down through mangrove branches to the people below. Educational elements within the treehouse allow guests to learn about the importance of conservation and keeping our oceans safe and garbage-free.

Build Your Own Adventure

Build to the sky!! Our collection of kid-friendly jumbo building materials allows our guests to build the biggest towers, the highest walls and the best forts, with safe and fun materials.

Let’s Go Easy

Sponsored by: St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

Few things spark creativity and joy like Legos. Let’s Go Easy provides space and a generous supply of Lego, Duplo and Technic bricks, allowing our guests to design, build and play to their heart’s content, whether on a custom-built city space, speeding down the runway for takeoff, or even up the wall.

My First Market

Sponsored by: Publix

In My First Market, our guests can learn about food and common household goods, make nutritious choices, shop and spend in an immersive child-sized supermarket experience. Complete with a range of real Publix dry goods, meat, produce, and bread guests can shop just like mom and dad or work the register like an official Publix cashier.

Rainbow Stump Tables

Our group of custom-made Rainbow Stump Tables gives us the flexibility to present a rotation of smallscale interactive activities, from puzzles to building toys, small demonstrations, and mu

Tiny Explorers Lagoon

Sponsored by: Scott Wagman and Beth Houghton

Tiny Explorers Lagoon offers an array of engaging interactive features, such as lily pads and cattails, a bridge, a canoe, a farm-themed activity wall, and more. Children can immerse themselves in imaginative play, pretending to paddle through the lagoon, hop across the lily pads, and delve into farm-themed activities designed to enhance sensory exploration and fine motor skills.

Turbo Babies Fueled by JWB

Sponsored by: JWB of Pinellas

Turbo Babies represents the rapid pace at which children birth to three develop and grow. The campaign is fueled by the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County to encourage early connections, nurture a baby’s drive to learn and support parents and other caregivers as their child’s first and best teachers.

Longo’s Cove

The climber of Longo’s Cove is the central feature of the Great Explorations museum gallery. Stretching from floor to ceiling, this huge, climbable structure allows children to reach new heights and gain a 360- degree view of the museum. Filled with fun, brightly colored petals, adorned with fish and other sea creatures, the climber inspires imagination and excitement. Children can stretch the muscles in their bodies and brains by navigating the ups, downs, ins, and outs of the huge structure. While open and airy, the climber is reinforced to be a stable and secure place for children to challenge themselves and gain new levels of courage and confidence.

Tennis Ball Launcher

The Tennis Ball Launcher is an exciting and engaging exhibit that allows children to explore the principles of physics and motion in a fun and interactive way. By loading tennis balls into the launcher and adjusting the angle and force, kids can experiment with trajectory and distance, learning about concepts such as gravity, force, and projectile motion.


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Longo's Cove

As the central focus of the museum, Longo's Cove is an interactive getaway for your little one’s imagination.

My First Market

Our child-sized Publix supermarket teaches the value of making healthy eating choices in the familiar, yet fascinating environment of a supermarket.

My Checkup

Great Explorations partnered with John's Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to create this interactive zone focusing on health, safety, nutrition and fitness.

Imagination Playground

Children use over-sized soft blocks to create whatever their imagination can dream up.

Morris' Pizza Kitchen

Step up to Morris' pizza kitchen, where children take pizza orders, create pizzas with soft sculpture ingredients, “bake” in an oven, and serve guests at cafe tables!

Express Yourself Art Studio

Build magnetic sculptures up to the sky, create your own art masterpieces in the craft station, and learn how to sculpt with clay. What will you create?