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Microscope Kit


Young explorers are full of questions about the world, take this opportunity to teach them about the things we cannot see with a microscope kit. Perfect for passing the time away having fun and also learning science!

Illusion Science


Young explorers will learn the science of optics through fun illusion activities. This kit is ideal for introducing basic concepts of optics, light, and how the human eye works to your children. Draw, spin, and look with your kids in this fun and educational KidzLabs kit.

Bubble Robot


Learn to build your very own Bubble Robot! Grow your young explorers into young engineers by developing their skills of reading comprehension, geometry, fine motor skills, persistence and more! This kit is perfect for inside play as it is both fun to build and fun to play with after!

Cool Circuits JR


Keep your kiddos minds moving with the Cool Circuits JR. puzzles! Lights and fun vibrant colors make this puzzle very eye grabbing and with 40 different challenges to complete this toy is bound to keep your little one intrigued while improving their problem solving and logic skills!



Engage your young explorers with pendulum based challenges in Pendulonium! This kit is perfect for improving your little one’s understanding of physics, and skills of critical thinking and engineering in a fun and creative way. Bounce into some STEM education and build some great memories!

Dinosaur Kit


Jump on board The Magic School Bus and be prepared for fun with all kinds of dinosaur-themed activities. Built to captivate your young explorer, this kit is jam packed with activities including digging, building, and looking at really cool fossils! Take a step back in time and a step in the direction of education and fun with this creative activity kit!