January Toys of the Month


Featured Toys:

Perplexus Puzzle Collection

3D Dinosaur Puzzles

Learning Resources Design and Drill

Learning Resources Engineering and Design Lines


To kick off a great new year at Great Ex, we want to celebrate the little things by connecting our featured toys to lesser-known holidays— giving you something to celebrate each and every month! In January, we will celebrate Kid Inventor Day (Jan. 17) and Puzzle Day (Jan. 29).

To celebrate Puzzle Day, both our Perplexus puzzle collection and our 3D Dinosaur puzzles are 25% off this month! For Kid Inventor Day, our Learning Resources Design and Drill and our Engineering and Design lines are 25% off. For our more tech-loving kids, we have our KidRobotix line on sale for 25% off as well!

Dr. Audra Walsh recently shared with us that toys that involve designing and building are great ways to foster children’s development: “Activities like puzzles and KidRobotix not only encourage children to develop their logic and reasoning skills, but also teach them to persevere when working toward a larger goal. Perseverance is an important component of growth mindset, which involves viewing mistakes or failure as an opportunity to grow, and recognizing that with effort we can learn to do new things. Children with a more developed growth mindset are more motivated to engage in new or difficult tasks and have demonstrated improved achievement.”

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