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4M Rock Art Kit

4M Window Mosaics Kit


Did you know that research has linked increased arts education to increased academic, social, and emotional outcomes in children? Seriously – you can read all about it here! When we asked local pediatric psychologist Dr. Audra Walsh to share her experiences on the matter, we learned: “Exposure to the arts – whether it’s through theater, dance, chorus, drawing/painting, or film – can help foster many positive skills. Children can strengthen their perseverance, flexible thinking, and creativity. They get the opportunity to learn important academic concepts (math, reading, science), as well as cultures different from their own, in a fun, hands-on way. The arts are even a great way to develop kiddos’ fine and gross motor skills!” To help foster your child’s creativity and bring the arts into your own home, we’ve got Rock Painting Kits and Window Mosaics Kits available for 25% off through March at our Exploration Station Gift Shop!

With the Mandala Rock Art and Galaxy Rock Art Kits, children ages 6+ can paint a variety of designs on rocks using three-dimensional paints, paint pots, glow-in-the-dark glitter glue, or other materials included in the kits. Creative kids will love making their own glittery and dimensional artwork!

Window Mosaic Kits also will spark imagination and fun for kids ages 7 and up! Use the included pattern and over 800 stickable pre-cut pieces to make a colorful mosaic to hang in your window, then watch what happens when the sun shines through! No glue is required with this no-mess art kit!

These unique craft kits are a fantastic outlet for children to use their imagination and showcase their artistry skills at home during National Craft Month – all while developing their social, emotional, and academic skills!

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