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Our Morris Workshops, which are free to registered guests, encourage the use of creative teaching techniques to reach a diverse spectrum of learners, creating excitement about learning for disengaged students. Also, caregivers who may not have formal education learn alongside their kids with the guidance of the STEAM Team, gaining awareness about effective ways to play with their children, engage as a family, and bring fun teaching tools into the home. Our variety of monthly topics for Morris Workshops help to not only attract future participants but can also keep

STEAM-based learning is developed to help children gain the skills they need to be successful in the future. Morris Workshops provide free, alternative educational engagement opportunities outside of regular museum operations for children and their caregivers. These workshops feature a STEAM focus and engage children 5+ providing age-appropriate educational programming. Great Explorations believes that by challenging children with “out of the box” ways of exploring the traditional educational concepts taught in school and in the home, they become engaged in their education and eager to learn.

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