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Great Explorations will be closed on Sunday, April 9th, 2023.

Morris’ Fun On Wheels

Great Explorations Children’s Museum continues to fulfill our mission to stimulate learning through creativity, play, and exploration. Morris’ Fun on Wheels brings these great and tactile jumbo explorations to your site for colossal discoveries! Our Morris’ Fun On Wheels contains high-quality and research-based, jumbo manipulatives and games that develop gross motor skills and enhance S.T.E.M knowledge.

Through these explorations, the students will be able to:
  • Create and recreate structures through construction blocks.
  • Practice basic physics, improve spatial, bodily and directional awareness, and synthesize trajectories through physical strategy games.
  • Apply logical, analytical, and critical thinking through intellectual strategy games.
Morris Fun On Wheels is transported through a trailer. It will contain these materials:

Green Blocks

Wooden Blocks

Blue Blocks

Toobeez Giant Brick Blocks


Flamingo Ring Toss + Sand Buckets

Kiddie Ring Toss

Cornhole + Bean Bag Toss

Paper Airplane Target

Bucket Stilts

Bubbles Set

Hula Hoops

Ball games: Basketball, Dodgeballs, Bowling, Football, Ball in a cup


Giant Checkers

Connect Four


Great Explorations will be sanitizing all equipment before and after use according to CDC guidelines. The Trailer will be dropped off and collected at the agreed time and date in the rental form. For weekend requests, drop off will be Friday and pick up will be Monday.

To book, please contact Jasmine Hatcher at

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