September Toy of the Month


Septembers Toy of the Month is Goobi Juniors!

Perfect for our younger audience due to their large size and lightweight, Goobi Juniors encourage the use of creativity and logic while building new structures and shapes. These toys are a great way for children to begin developing fine motor skills at a young age, which are crucial for the development of future skills, such as dressing themselves and writing.

There are also plenty of ways to get creative while playing with Goobi Juniors! St. Pete-based licensed pediatric psychologist Dr. Audra Walsh shared some of the ways you can use Goobi Juniors to play with your child: “The bright colors and multiple pieces provide a great opportunity for your child to learn about numbers, shapes, and colors. And through playing with others, children can develop important interpersonal skills like taking turns and communicating their ideas and desires.”

Dr. Walsh also shared that toys like Goobi Juniors are great for child-directed play, which can be used daily to strengthen the parent-child relationship: “Child-directed play involves creating a brief (5-10 minutes) special playtime each day where parents/caregivers let the child lead the play.  This technique is adapted from Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT: Eyberg, S.M.). By using specific strategies parents can communicate that they are interested in their child’s play, attending to their child’s play, and enjoy playing with them. These strategies include describing the child’s play behavior (e.g., ‘You’re using the blue piece to make a cube!’), reflecting what they say (e.g., Child says “I’m building a cube” and parent reflects “You’re building a blue cube!”), giving specific praise (e.g., I love how you are connecting those pieces to build a cube!), imitating their behavior (e.g., if a child is building a cube parent may say “I’m going to build a cube, like you”), and being enthusiastic (e.g., smiling and using enthusiasm in verbal and nonverbal communication). Also, during this special playtime, parents should NOT give commands, lead, or direct the play, criticize, ask questions, or directly teach their child.



Parents can start child-directed play by explaining to your child that you are going to do a special activity with them for about 5-10 minutes each day and brainstorming a list of activities that will work well for this interactive play (e.g., Goobi Juniors). Give your child 2 options to choose from and let them choose one and set a timer to create clear boundaries for this special play. In addition to improving your relationship with your child, this type of play can strengthen your child’s self-confidence and provide opportunities for parental attention without engaging in inappropriate behavior.” For more information on using special play to strengthen the parent-child relationship contact Dr. Audra Walsh at 727-599-3624 or visit

So whether you’re looking to spend some quality time with your child, or want a toy for the little ones to play with while the bigger kids are off at school, Goobi Juniors are a perfect choice! Our 20  pc set is discounted at $20 and our 40 pc set is currently $35. With a deal like this, there is no reason you shouldn’t get a Goobi!

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