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The Three Wishes Fund: Opening Doors for All

A special program fund established by Great Explorations Children’s Museum with the goal of creating opportunities for underserved families and ensuring their access to educational and enriching experiences.

  • Scholarships for Early Explorations Preschool, Summer Camps, and Afterschool Stay & Play – removes financial barriers to ensure that every child has a chance to partake in hands-on learning, creative exploration, and social growth in a nurturing environment
  • Title 1 Elementary School Field Trips – gives these students the opportunity to explore our exhibits, participate in our interactive activities, and engage in educational programming. The fund aims to broaden students’ horizons and ignite a love of learning.
  • Provide a Great Explorations membership for a family in need – grants year-round access to the museum’s exhibits, special events, and educational programs. By offering these memberships, the fund aims to establish a lasting impact on families allowing them to explore and play together, fostering positive family interactions, and creating cherished memories

We believe that every child deserves access to quality educational experiences regardless of their socioeconomic background. It seeks to break down barriers, nurture curiosity, and empower underserved families, creating a more inclusive and equitable community where all children can thrive.

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